At Rangoli Bazar, you will get the best ingredients from around the world. With a wide variety of rice, flours, nuts, spices, and edible oils we strive to reconnect people with the familiar flavor of India.

We pick the best quality veggies on every Thursday and Saturday. So, you can always get the best  taste from them. We keep some frozen vegetables also.


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For many Asians, fish is a must in their meal. We offer so many varieties of fish including Hilsa and meat plus all types of spices to combine and cook however you desire.

Potato chips, choco pies, sweet potato crackers, fruit gummies, onion rings...sweet or spicy......crunchy or chewy.....we have tons of snacks here at Rangoli Bazar.

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You will find here the traditional pooja items, Hindu God Idols, and numerous kind of incense sticks.

Here we have an ATM machine to make your shopping easier. You can easily take out cash and buy what you need from here, rather than going in search of an ATM machine elsewhere.

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Have a fun every day with Pick 3, pick 4, Pick 5 and many more with great prizes and chances of winning.